Famous "Brats"

Jessica Alba, actress Christina Aguilera, singer/TV personality  Hoyt Axton, country music star
Ray Allen, NBA star Jackson Browne, singer/songwriter  Billy Beane, MBL general manager ('Moneyball')
America, folk rock group (all 3 members!) LeVar Burton, actor  Bill Cosby, comedian/actor/educator
Suzanne Collins, author ("The Hunger Games") Johnny Damon, MLB star  Robert Duvall, actor
Senator John Cornyn (Texas) Faye Dunaway, actress  Kathie Lee Gifford, singer/TV personality
John Denver, singer/songwriter/environmentalist Newt Gingrich, politician  Mark Hamill, actor
Mia Hamm, soccer star Robert Griffin III, NFL star  L. Ron Hubbard, author and founder of  Scientology
Kris Kristofferson, singer/songwriter/actor Davey Johnson, MLB player/manager  Senator John McCain, politician
Swoosie Kurtz, actress Martin Lawrence, comedian  Jim Morrison, singer/poet (The Doors)
Annie Leibovitz, photographer General Douglas MacArthur  Lou Diamond Phillips, actor
Katrina Leskanich, singer/songwriter ("Katrina and the Waves") Julianne Moore, actress  
Natalie Morales, TV personality (The Today Show) Shaquille O'Neal, NBA star  
Priscilla Presley, actress/entrepreneur Mary-Louise Parker, actress  INTERNATIONAL
Victoria Principal, actress Pink, singer  
Bart Starr, NFL star Sally Quinn, columnist (Washington Post)  Michelle Bachelet, politician/President (Chile)
Stephen Stills, singer/songwriter Lionel Richie, singer/songwriter  Deepak Chopra, physician/author (India)
Derrick Thomas, NFL star General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.  Michael J. Fox, actor (Canada)
  Leah Ward Sears, Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice  Engelbert Humperdinck, singer (UK)
UNITED STATES MARINES Michael Stipe, singer/songwriter (R.E.M.)  Wladimir Klitschko, Boxing champion (USSR)
  Michael Strahan, NFL star  Christopher Lee, actor (UK)
Pat Conroy, author (The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini) Elizabeth Vargas, News anchor (ABC)  Rick Springfield, singer/actor (Australia)
EmmyLou Harris, singer/songwriter Gore Vidal, author  
Heather Locklear, actress Bruce Willis, actor  
Renee Montagne, radio journalist (NPR) Reese Witherspoon, actress  
Ann and Nancy Wilson, singer/songwriters (Heart) James Woods, actor