"Brat" or not, we each have a unique affinity for and connection to some place, some community, some circumstance from our youth. One that conjures up memories which, though perhaps only bittersweet, have created an everlasting bond and a sense of personal history...in short, "roots."

Where is that place for you? And who were those people?

Where did you grow up?

If you could go back "in time and place," when and where would you most want to visit? And why?

Is there anything that you would have wanted to know or do that might have changed your life today?

These are the universal questions we've tried to explore through the characters in Southern Rain; and we'd like to hear your stories, too.

For some of us it may be as simple as a trip home to the towns where we grew up, sitting around and talking old times with friends and family, easing back into the safety and comfort of what is still so satisfyingly familiar.

For others - like those world-traveling "brats" - that internal compass might be a bit harder to pin down; but whatever, whomever and wherever it is that most feels like "home sweet home" to you, we'd appreciate your taking a moment out of your day to share.


Dan Gross and Lina Koutrakos

Co-Creators, Southern Rain: A New Musical

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