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For over a decade, Southern Rain creators Dan Gross and Lina Koutrakos have been writing original Southern- and blues-tinged pop/rock music for their band, The Low Country. The songs have always been story-driven, capturing a slice of life here, a snapshot of emotion there, with plenty of solid grooves and singable "hooks" along the way. In addition to their original projects, Lina and Dan have considerable performance experience in the theatre - both on and off Broadway as vocalist/actress and drummer - so it was inevitable that they should one day set their sights on writing a contemporary musical.

It was at the confluence of two real-life experiences that Southern Rain was born: Dan's traveling back to Georgia for a long-procrastinated high school reunion, and Lina's meeting up with old friends to visit one of the military bases she'd lived on in her youth - a base which, like the one depicted in the play, had been decommissioned and "reassigned."

So what is Southern Rain? Well, Southern Rain is..."roots"...and our very personal, yet somehow universal, histories. It is the haunting memories and unanswered questions from our teenage years. It's those treasured friends from way back when and the long lost loves we left behind. It is all the reasons we could ever want or need to go back in time and place - to find that elusive sense of belonging we all desire. To recapture the sweet smell, touch, taste and feel of...home.